What is a Property Damage Claim?

Property damage claims are one that involve damage to your property rather than your person. That is not to say that a property damage claim cannot include physical injuries, as is the case in some auto accidents, but the primary source of the claim is damage to real property that requires restitution. There are generally two types of property damage claims: damage to real property and damage to autos. These type claims will, in most cases, involve an insurance company. The ability to negotiate and deal with insurance companies, adjustors, and claims attorneys is the single most important factor in determining your likelihood of having a favorable outcome to your claim.

Property damage involving real property means that one's home or land sustained damage. When the neighborhood kids throw a rock through your window, you've sustained damage to real property. When a hailstorm damages your roof, when someone drives over your lawn...you've sustained damage to real property. Damage to real property also encompasses acts of vandalism, such as graffiti, eggings and other pranks. These types of incidents, along with innumerable other examples, can be the basis for both formal and informal property damage claims, regardless of the damager's intent.

Auto accidents are the other primary area where one would see a property damage claim. Depending who is at fault in the accident will determine who one would seek repayment from for the damage. In most cases one would deal with either the other party's insurance company or their own. The amount that can be collected from the insurance company will be determined by the amount coverage the offending party has, any damages that exceed that amount would have to be sought from the individual themselves.

The important thing to remember with a property damage claim is, the offending party or their insurance company will want to pay as little as possible. Many times this will be less than sufficient to properly repair your property or make you whole. That is why it is very important to have a trusted attorney with proven results in your corner. The lawyers at Pipkin Ferguson PLLC in Houston, TX have the experience needed to help you deal with the individuals and insurance companies to get your property damage repaired and made whole. If you have suffered property damage, don't wait, get the results you are looking for today and contact Pipkin Ferguson PLLC for a consultation!