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Environmental Litigation Attorneys In Houston

Natural resources are among the most valuable assets of every part of the Gulf Coast region, including in the Houston metroplex and surrounding areas. This is true for commercial property owners as well as individual residential property owners.

Disputes involving land, water supply, rivers, coastal areas, lakes, minerals and wildlife arise in many legal matters having to do with real estate transactions, land use and taxation. Disputes over land use, water, trees and other particular environmental features are common between owners of adjacent real estate parcels. Developers and landowners often find themselves at odds with government entities over land use, ground contamination and water and air pollution issues.

Get The Answers And Representation You Need In Any Civil Or Criminal Environmental Law Matter

Prompt legal counsel can be a critical component of a successful resolution of an environmental law matter, whether civil or criminal. Pipkin Ferguson, PLLC, in Houston advises clients throughout the region in a wide range of environmental concerns.

Builders, businesses and private individuals in urban areas, in oil and gas fields, on horse ranches, in coastal areas and other locations often need a lawyer’s advice and representation regarding matters such as:

  • Water rights issues
  • Chemical spills
  • Handling of hazardous materials
  • Pollution and contamination claims
  • Toxic torts

Whether you are a city dweller affected by water contamination, a builder cited by a government agency for contamination of land or water, a horse ranch owner competing for access to the same water source as another rancher, or a property owner coping with the ill effects on your land of a neighbor’s construction activities, our environmental law attorneys can advise you of your rights and options.

Pipkin Ferguson, PLLC, has a long history representing individuals and businesses in environmental law matters. Allow us to analyze your case, describe successes we have achieved for previous clients in similar or comparable circumstances and work with you to devise a strategy for pursuit of your goals, whatever they may be.

Concerned About Legal Aspects Of A TX Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion? Contact Pipkin Ferguson, PLLC.

You may reach our Houston offices at 713-766-3102 or by email through this website to schedule a consultation with a lawyer regarding any environmental litigation matter.