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  • Hurricane Harvey aftermath Tips for Home owners

    As residents of the Houston area, and as native Texans, the attorneys of Pipkin Ferguson PLLC understand the stress associated with the aftermath of major hurricanes such as Harvey. Typically, one of the major concerns for those affected is getting their homes repaired as quickly as possible. While the vast majority of contractors are honest, trustworthy, and conscientious, some are not. When disaster strikes, it is not uncommon for unscrupulous actors to prey upon homeowner’s anxieties and desires to repair their home quickly.

    New Tool to avoid Probate; Is a Will Really Necessary?

    The word on the street is that there is a new tool to avoid probate and a Will is no longer necessary. Is this true? The Texas legislature has seen fit to join about half of the other states in providing an alternative to probating a Will to transfer real property. This became effective September 2015.

  • Insurance Defense Claims

    Understanding Insurance Defense and the Texas Statue of Limitations Insurance is one of the largest industries in the world and thousands of claims are made every day. Insurance agencies are obligated to reimburse the cost of goods, property, or assets for covered claims. Sometimes, there are disputes between the insurance company and the insuree or other insurance companies.

  • Understanding the Process of Working with a Lawyer You Trust

    When it comes to looking for a lawyer, it might be hard to sift through your options and choose the firm that would best represent you. Although there are a fairly overwhelming number of law firms out there, many experienced professionals, such as Pipkin Ferguson, PLLC, know how to exceed the expectations of the client. There are several factors that come into play with regard to unbeatable legal representation, but having a knowledgeable attorney who is on your side and who you can trust is wor…

  • Why You Need the Best Business Litigation Defense Attorneys

    If you are looking for business insurance defense attorneys, it is crucial to do business with a law firm that has plenty of experience and works hard for their clients. Although there are a lot of attorneys to choose from, Pipkin Ferguson PLLC is a smart choice. When you buy insurance, you are trying to protect your business in case something goes wrong.

  • What Does Insurance Defense Litigation Mean?

    Today in our “Latest News” post we are going to take a look at “what does insurance defense litigation mean?”.   It is not uncommon to hear about insurance disputes in the news, but today we want to help explain this part of litigation so you can better understand if you have an insurance defense litigation case.  We at Pipkin Ferguson PLLC are always ready to provide a consultation to see if we can help you with any legal needs.  So let’s dive into insurance defense litigation! I…

  • Business Litigation in the news

    When business disputes arise sometimes they can’t be resolved with negotiation or arbitration, in these cases business litigation may be a way to remedy the situation. This can happen between private individuals or between businesses that cannot agree on a legal issue. In either case a business litigation attorney will be a valuable asset in settling these matters.

  • An Example of Property Damage Litigation

    Many times we talk about different types of litigation, but you may wonder, “what does a lawsuit look like?”  Below is a brief example of a property damage litigation suit that was filed in Texas recently. A woman claims she sustained injuries after the driver of an 18-wheeler struck the parked vehicle in which she was sitting. In her complaint, the woman claims she was sitting in a parked vehicle when the driver of an 18-wheeler, backed into the rear-end of the vehicle in which the wo…

  • Start 2013 on the right foot!

    As we close out 2012 and move into 2013, there are several items small business owners need to remember to have all their legal ducks in a row. We realize that his can be an extremely busy time, so we wanted to remind you about a few items you will want to make sure you check off your to-do list so that you begin 2013 on the right foot. 1.

  • Connect with Pipkin Ferguson

    At Pipkin Ferguson PLLC we believe in being well connected to our community.  In 2012, that means having a strong internet presence.  We have active pages on Facebook and Google+!

  • Oil & Gas Industry puts Houston on FORBES “Best Of” List

    In the upcoming issue of FORBES, the magazine has its 14th annual ranking of The Best Places for Business and Careers. In it you will find our very own Houston ranked 20th! The primary reason for this favorable ranking is the oil and gas industry in Houston.

  • What is a Property Damage Claim?

    Property damage claims are one that involve damage to your property rather than your person. That is not to say that a property damage claim cannot include physical injuries, as is the case in some auto accidents, but the primary source of the claim is damage to real property that requires restitution. There are generally two types of property damage claims: damage to real property and damage to autos.

  • Avoiding a Wrongful Termination Claim

    One of the most costly litigation issues a business can deal with are wrongful termination claims.  Unfortunately, from time to time, an employer will have to terminate an employee, and even if the firing is justified, employers have to deal the potential exposure liability of a suit that can rock their business to the core.  The question then becomes, how can an employer avoid a wrongful termination claim? There are several things one can do to reduce the risk of a wrongful terminatio…

  • How to Start a Business

    So you’ve got a great idea for a new small business and you’re ready to go conquer the world! But before you do, take some time to consider these important steps in setting up your business that will help you plan, prepare, and manage your business for the future. Write a business plan – Having a plan on paper will not only keep you on task, but will help you think out some obstacles you may be presented with.

  • Product Liability for Small Business

    For many small business owners and operators, product liability is a major concern. If you are engaged in selling, manufacturing, or distributing a product to the public, product liability has to be something for which you prepare. While some may believe that this is only a factor for large corporations or major retail chains, it is important to remember that small businesses are held to the same federal and state regulations for providing safe and effective products.

  • Help! My customers won’t pay their bill, what do I do?

    As a small business owner you’re very busy.  Managing day to day operations, sales calls, and employee issues are already enough to cause you to need a few more hours in the day than you have.  When you do a job for a customer you expect to be paid promptly; after all, they expected their work to be done promptly.  But now here you are, all the work is done and they are refusing to pay, what can you do? Every situation will be different, but when you want to get right to the point…

  • Managing Risk for Small Business

    It is impossible to avoid all the risk that can be associated with running a business. The challenge all small business owners deal with is mitigating the risk in an affordable way. How much risk can you live with comfortably and still be profitable?

  • How to Avoid the Big Mistakes When Planning Your Estate

    Planning an estate isn’t necessarily something we look forward to, but estate planning can be a simple undertaking.  When you meet with your estate planning attorney, they will help you navigate the process by avoiding some these major mistakes. A. Developing a Plan Whether to avoid controversy within the family unit or simply having no idea how to get started, many people fail to develop a Will, resulting in the State determining how your family will be honored.  Meeting with an attor…

  • The “DO IT YOURSELF” (DIY) Will

    The DIY Will provides a great service to those who have a plan with few assets in their estate.  On the other hand, if you don not have a plan for how you would like your estate distributed or how to protect your loved ones from a costly process, then DIY is not for you.  Not all families are picture perfect like the family in “Father Knows Best”.  Most families have real life issues such as  less than perfect spouses, young adults, and relatives. If you your family unit is s…

  • Understanding Contracts

    Understanding the ins and outs of contracts can be a full time job.  In your business having a clear understanding of the contracts you sign or your customers sign with you is crucial.  That is why it is imperative that you know what you are signing and what your rights and obligations are! All contracts have 4 basic principles: an offer, acceptance, intentions of legal consequences, and considerations.  An “offer” is simply that; what are you offering, and what are they offering …