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We provide custom legal services in banking, construction, contracts, civil, corporate transactions, environmental, estate planning and probate litigation.

Business And Commercial Litigation

At Pipkin Ferguson, PLLC, we are prepared to stand beside you while you build your successful business in the Houston area. From registration to sale, our expert business law team is here to give you proper legal advice so your business operates smoothly. We are always here to protect and defend you as we litigate on your behalf in the event of lawsuits or assist you in dealing with vital legal matters such as:

Business Organization

  • Registering your new business as a non-profit, partnership, limited liability corporation or other preferred form of organization
  • Issuing, registering and transferring shares
  • Filing necessary certificates and permits
  • Resolving unexpected disputes or challenges that arise in the beginning stages of your business

Business Litigation

Once you are in business — at any stage of the business — conflicts may come up between partners, between shareholders and management, between your business and other businesses or between your business and end customers. When the need to litigate arises or when you must respond to a lawsuit, we at Pipkin Ferguson, PLLC, are available to help guide you through a process that can be overwhelming and lead you toward a resolution that is in the best interest for you and your business. As experienced civil litigation attorneys, we offer collection services to assist you in handling and collecting delinquent accounts.

Fines And Penalties

If your business is subjected to litigation for alleged environmental violations or similar issues, we will help you understand and defend your business through this process. We will also advise you on how to best avoid further fines and penalties.

Commercial And Civil Litigation Attorneys In Houston, Texas

Owners and employees of small and large businesses often require legal counsel to resolve disputes. Injuries occurring on your premises, contract disputes, product liability claims and property issues are just a small sample of potential commercial and civil litigation matters. Commercial litigation literally refers to any legal matter that occurs within the business sphere.

Proactively seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney in the field of commercial and civil litigation in Houston, Texas, before injuries or contract disputes occur, can protect a business’s viability and assets or a commercial client’s interests.

Why Is A Commercial Litigation Attorney’s Early Involvement Important?

Most commercial litigation suits are resolved through out-of court settlements and never see the inside of a courtroom. The reason for this is due to the high cost of litigation and the high dollar amount in controversy. Having a qualified and successful commercial litigation attorney with proven results is important, as the attorney knows and understands how issues will appear before a judge, jury or arbitration panel. A knowledgeable attorney can help avoid the traps leading to litigation and if and when legal issues advance, he or she will know how to prosecute or defend the required litigation.

At Pipkin Ferguson, our commercial litigation attorneys provide tailored solutions to our client’s unique needs. We have built a strong track record of favorable outcomes in many legal areas.

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